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Stonewood Architectural Panels ​ stunning solid phenolic panels manufactured in America by Fiberesin Industries.  Designed for use as an exterior open joint panel or as decorative durable interior wall covering. Stonewood Exterior Panels are as durable as they are beautiful. Designed to withstand all weather  conditions, panels are available in a variety of vibrant and neutral design options and dimensions,  allowing you to create an unforgettable impression.

Prodema offers a whole new world of possibilities for those architects and designers who are looking for a genuine alternative to many of the common and predictable materials that are available to cover the building facade. Experience the beautiful characteristics inherent in the natural wood itself like the rich darker areas and the transversal mirror images of the grain, the variations in color and even the knots in the wood established by the trees themselves.

AMICO is constantly pushing boundaries and developing new architectural expanded metal mesh patterns, products and applications to increase awareness and raise the profile of our products across the design community. Our products are also perfectly suited to interior design applications and can provide security and privacy as well as elegance and sophistication.

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When a couple of resourceful American engineers from Kaiser Aluminum designed an innovative roofing system more than four decades ago they, of course, had great hopes that their new aluminum standing seam roof was going to be a success.  Since then more than 80 million square meters of Kalzip aluminum standing seam roofing has been installed around the world.  These pictures will help you to discover just a portion of the history of Kalzip over the last 40 years.

Cambridge Architectural invites you to explore architectural metal fabric's intriguing aesthetics, functional utility and seemingly limitless exterior and interior applications. These images are inspirational examples of projects featuring Cambridge metal fabric that flowed through the imaginations of visionary architects and were made possible through Cambridge's fine metal mesh products and services including consultative design assistance and innovative engineering.

Alumaboard Plank Series offers a wood look cladding option without all the maintenance. Our planks can be installed vertically and horizontally and can be used for both exterior and interior applications.Alumaboard planks come in wood patterns and solid colors that stand up to the extreme weather conditions. Perfect for Siding and Soffit applications. 

AlumaKor is a fully integrated family of complimenting MCM products. ACM sheets, extrusion attachment systems and matching aluminum flat sheets are stocked and supplied through our Phoenix location.

Woodn has full-body grain patterns, thanks to an exclusive production process that restores the natural feel and look of wood, making it possible to carry out surface treatments without modifying the grain or color. Furthermore, the grain pattern is random and not repeatable, so each Woodn profile is visibly unique: like natural materials, it gives no impression of being produced in series.

Founded in 1935, Wasco is a family-owned company with New England Roots. We are one of North America's largest skylights manufacturers, employing skilled craftsmen who all share in the embedded values of hard work, a keen and unique desire for superior craftsmanship, and pride in a job well done. Wasco is known for the most extensive green, sustainable, energy efficient and innovative product line with long life performance and exceptional value.

 MetalTech-USA is the nations premier distributor and fabricator of coil, sheet and finished architectural metals products. We work with companies like elZinc America, Lorin Industries, and Hussey Copper to provide the highest quality architectural products in natural metals. While zinc has been used extensively in Europe for hundreds of years, it is a relatively new building metal in North America. Copper, on the other hand, has been a staple of roofing and cladding systems since the birth of the nation.

Alfrex fr is a tested and proven fire resistant  ACM composed of aluminum skins and a fire resistant core. Alfrex fr is lightweight and has excellent physical properties. With various patterns of aluminum coating, it can be used for a diverse range of architectural solutions. Alfrex also comes in a variety of substrates including Aluminum, zinc and stainless steel. Along with the FR core, Alfrex can also be made with PE, honeycomb and corrugated cores. 

The right air and moisture barrier is one of the most critical components of the building envelope. Traditional barriers are no longer good enough. Whether you need moisture management for your walls, roof or foundation, DELTA® has the high-performance product to meet your specific needs. DELTA® Drainage Systems for Commercial Construction provide effective and durable solutions – for the entire life of the structure.

The first experiments with glass fibre reinforced concrete were made more than three decades ago. Using top class technology, the Rieder Group created Fiber C and made glass fibre reinforced concrete suitable for new areas of application. The characteristics of Fiber C, it's quality, and wide range of design options and durability offer new, original and cutting edge ways of using concrete that was unimaginable just a short time ago.

Greco manufactures aluminum railing systems to the highest industry standards and applicable building code requirements throughout North America. Greco's aluminum railing systems are all welded construction, rattle free, low maintenance with a high-performance powder coated finish and come in unlimited designs for an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Greco's certified welding technicians and in-house quality control procedures ensure all factory welded components meet your specifications prior to leaving the factory.

OX creates truly innovative products that are built to perform inside and out. While others might rewrap, rebrand, or repackage ideas, we’re reimagining what building products can do. Constantly asking “Why?” Why can’t sheathing provide insulation in addition to strength? Why can’t being eco-friendly also be friendly to your bottom line? Why can’t you cut your installation time without cutting corners? Why can’t the best products be stably and competitively priced? We’re unafraid to ask questions. Because questions get us answers to the problems builders face every day. Better buildings and better building products go hand-in-hand. At OX, we believe that to the core.

Our thermal spacer made from low-conductivity fiberglass material greatly reduces thermal bridging, improving the effective thermal resistance of the exterior wall. The Cascadia Clip® makes ASHRAE 90.1 Or NECB 2011 compliance simple and cost-effective

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Architects, engineers, and contractors, rely on American Warming and Ventilating to meet their ever-changing   louver and sunshade designs and cost requirements through product innovation and technological advancement. Leading the industry in unequaled engineering and quality manufacturing, we give customers the tools they need to succeed. From our extensive catalog of products, to our custom design-and-build solutions, we provide equipment that empowers our partners and solves customer challenges.

At Millennium Forms we believe that elegance begins with a well engineered product that delivers permanence, beauty and style. Whether you choose the liveliness of our colored stainless steel or you prefer the soft grays of Zalmag®, a new palette of possibilities is now available which will enhance your design with ELEGANCE THAT ENDURES.